Progress Me

Progress MeIn its simplest form, Progress Me exists to help build career pathways for apprentice eligible young adults; by providing a portable model of fully funded training available to all businesses, associates and learners.

The Progress Me program is shaped on two basic principles

In the first instance, to allow young apprentice eligible adults to develop skills for the modern world of work and businesses, through engagements with the leading apprentice training provider in the UK and using practical business syllabus’ as the basis.

The second principle was created out of sport and the elements of success in sport. It is an accepted principle in sport that to achieve the highest peaks in the elite, you have to encourage and develop the largest number of participants at all levels. So, as the Directors of the program are all running and developing successful teams and businesses, growing and developing them, it was logical we would look at these sporting indicators to help.

The core principles are simple – to allow apprentice eligible young adults the opportunity to develop skills for life in parallel or after sport, whilst earning and continuing in their personal development. The Directors of the Progress Me program are all from sporting backgrounds with involvement with players, ex-players, clubs, governing bodies and organisations across a depth of sports. Initially, the Progress Me brand was trying to help sporting clubs retain more of their participants after Year 11, maintaining their involvement in Sport.  Supporting the aspirations of legacy and participation after London 2012, we were committed to helping person development and readiness for the modern world of work, be that in parallel with, or after sporting careers.

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